Oil Burner Service Long Island by Discount Fuel Inc.

Emergency & Non-Emergency Oil Burner Service and Repair
Same day repair appointments available

Call us 24 hours a day, seven days week. We answer on weekends and holidays. Discount Fuel Inc. service technicians are on call 24/7 for oil burner emergencies. Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Queens: we have a location near you. Every technician on our service team offers years of oil heating experience. We can handle every type of oil burner service issue.

Annual Oil Burner Service: Tune-up & Vac

  • Inspect Oil Burner Unit & Wiring
  • Brush, Vacuum & Clean
  • Replace filter & nozzle
  • Clean/Replace Strainer
  • Readjust settings for maximum efficiency
  • Test run operations for next season

Prevent future problems with your oil burner by scheduling a tune-up every year. Discount Fuel Inc. will identify and correct oil burner issues and will help you achieve the highest efficiency for the coldest months of the year.

Call Discount Fuel Inc. 24/7, Day or Night, In Case of Emergency

Keeping your family warm this winter season will make it crucial to take care of your oil burner. Your annual oil burner service may not prevent issues in the middle of winter. In case of a mid-winter oil burner emergency, you’ll need an emergency oil burner service from Long Island. While some problems are straightforward, others are complex. Whether you ran out of oil or have no hot water, we can fix any problem in a timely manner.

Unfamiliar sounds is the #1 oil burner problem. When an oil burner is malfunctioning, you may hear squealing, knocking, or rattling, in which case, something is not right.

Oil Burner Noises? Common Reasons:

  • Air in the Line
  • Blocked Air
  • Loose Access Panels
  • Pilot Light Needs to be Reset
  • Poor Belt Tension
  • Motor Bearing Problems
  • Oil Burner Needs Cleaning

Troubleshooting & Solutions for Your Oil Furnace

  • Knocking Noise: air in the lines. A technician needs to bleed the lines. Please contact us.
  • Whistling: problem with the filter OR accumulation of dust and dirt. Consider replacing the filter instead of cleaning the filter. We advise customers to replace the filter every three months. Air could be blocked in the oil burner.
  • High-Pitched, Squealing, Screeching: blower motor or belt issue. Belt slipping is a common problem. Tightening the belt tension will resolve this issue. Please call us to inspect the belt for fraying or wearing out.
  • Grinding Noise: motor bearings. Please shut down oil burner for safety’s sake. And please call us to repair your oil burner.
  • Irregular Noises When Turning On & Off: air filter OR oil supply. If both the air filter and oil supply are in good shape, please call Discount Fuel Oil to correct the issue causing the noise.

24 Hour Emergency Oil Burner Service & Repair: Long Island



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