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We couldn’t be happier with the service and professionalism with Discount Fuel! I would highly recommend! Our technician Rob was outstanding – knowledgeable, courteous, prompt and friendly!

Corey M., Hicksville NY

I was not an existing customer and they came out after hours once I called and I told them I had no oil. I called many companies that night and no one else was able to come and deliver, I’m so grateful.

Marissa L, Great River NY

They are great and a family run business who seems to care. They will keep sending out a tech to address your issue if not resolved on the initial call. I also get my heating oil from them, prices are always good.

Carol Cosenza, Farmingville NY

Does Discount Fuel Oil Mean Lesser Quality?

No, Discount Fuel Inc. uses the same fuel oil suppliers as the service contract vendors. The only difference between our oil and theirs is the price. Discount fuel oil delivery is a business model revolving around keeping our overhead low and never outsourcing. We own our equipment, and we buy directly from the suppliers. Plus, we don’t have to keep up the administrative costs of service contracts. We call it discount fuel because we’re able to discount the price, not the quality.

Oil refineries send fuel oil to the heating oil suppliers of Long Island. These suppliers then provide the oil to both service contract vendors and discount fuel vendors. Suppliers may put additives in the fuel oil, but it is still essentially the same fuel oil no matter who delivers it. Just as the gasoline we fill our tanks with is not actually different from station to station, fuel oil is not actually different from vendor to vendor. As with gas stations, the only difference is price.

We maintain our oil tanks on a regular basis. The usual suspect in fuel oil trouble is the handling of fuel. We carefully store and maintain our fuel oil, keeping our fuel tanks clear of sediment and water. We guarantee the best quality fuel oil to Long Island at the lowest prices.

Benefits of Discount Fuel Oil Delivery Long Island

Discount Fuel Inc., your source of c.o.d. fuel oil since 1979, can be your reliable and trusted vendor. Say goodbye to service contracts that keep you chained to high prices and fixed delivery dates. And say hello to on demand fuel oil delivery arriving in less than 24 hours! We can offer you cod fuel oil delivery on demand within 24 hours as soon as you call or order online.

Cheapest Home Heating Oil Prices

Discount Fuel Inc. passes on the savings to our customers. We own our storage facilities and delivery trucks. We buy directly from suppliers and deliver to your home, eliminating middle men, thereby reducing your cod oil delivery prices.

Our customers benefit from market fluctuations. Instead of hoarding the difference when fuel oil prices drop, we instead pass the savings on to our discount fuel Long Island customers. Between our equipment and our pricing strategy, we keep our overhead low to provide you with the savings.

No Contract Required

We offer discount fuel oil delivery on demand. We don’t require a contract. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and when you pick up your phone to order a delivery, we’ll be there in less than 24 hours. We don’t box you in with contracts or dates. Just like you’re not locked in to the timing of the service contract, you’re also not locked in to the pricing of the service contract. We adjust our fuel oil pricing according to market fluctuations. You benefit from the price drop in fuel oil.

Order When You Need Oil

With us, you control your fuel oil delivery, and when you call, we can provide delivery in less than 24 hours. At your convenience, order your fuel oil, and if 24 hours is too soon, you can pick your date. Just as you’re not locked in to a price, you’re also not locked in to a date. You pick your fuel oil delivery date.