Delivering Discount Fuel to Long Island for More Than 40 Years

Serving Long Island since 1979, Discount Fuel Inc. is your trusted and dependable source of  discount fuel oil delivery 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Covering Suffolk and Nassau Counties, as well as Queens, Discount Fuel Inc. is in its 40th year of delivering home heating oil to all of Long Island.

For a discounted price and on-demand delivery, Discount Fuel Inc. provides an alternative to the full service-contract fuel delivery vendors that can’t compete with a cash on delivery service.

Passing on our savings

Our goal is saving our customers money while providing reliable service. Because we store and deliver the fuel oil ourselves, it costs us less to provide fuel for your home, and we can pass the savings on to you, our customers. Our reduction in overhead translates to your reduction in heating bills, hence our name. Plus, when the price of fuel oil drops, we lower your price, as well. Our customers benefit rather than suffer from market fluctuations.

Flexibility is Our Strength

Discount Fuel Inc. owes its longevity to its flexibility. Offering on-demand delivery of fuel oil, we can provide heating oil to your home within 24 hours. Or you can pick the day of delivery. You have full control over your fuel oil delivery. While you have the option to order your fuel oil delivery on demand at your convenience, you can also enter a service agreement if you’d prefer, we can track your fuel oil delivery needs rather than you keeping track. You’re not locked in to a service contract.

More Than Fuel Oil Delivery

A full service operation, Discount Fuel Inc. can also provide maintenance of your heating system, as well replacement of a failing system, in addition to our round-the-clock fuel oil delivery service. And when delivering your fuel oil, our technicians inspect your storage tank for safety before filling the tank with your discounted fuel. To learn more please visit our FAQs page or feel free to contact us.

High Quality #2 Home Heating Oil

Discount Fuel Inc. provides the same quality fuel oil as service-contract fuel delivery vendors, but at a much better price. Our biggest differences are price and flexible delivery, while offering the same fuel oil. Only the price is discounted, not the quality of the oil or the reliability of our service.

Call Today For Our Best Home Heating Oil Prices

Find out what our customers have known for decades: trusted, dependable, and flexible discount fuel oil delivery Long Island, we are here to serve you. While our prices motivate new customers, our service and dependability turn them into loyal customers. Give us a call to learn how your home and your wallet can benefit from the service and savings Discount Fuel Inc.